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While networks and IT are crucial, they may not be the core activity of your organization. They do, however, enable your organization to perform effectively and efficiently and to enable your people, wherever they are, to work productively and add-value to customers.

It is essential therefore, to adopt the right approach. You also need to choose a supplier that can deliver state of the art services in an efficient and cost effective manner. We are passionate about helping you put in place great managed data communications. Our sole purpose is to effectively and efficiently connect your business.



With the growing trend of businesses expanding regionally and internationally, so has the need for secure transfers of internal communication that includes audio, video, and multiple file-types.

Our MPLS (Multi-Protocol Level Switching) service not only provides your business with a private network, but is also a trusted fail-safe connectivity solution that helps you optimize the delivery of your data, and meets the growing requirements of the market. Our portfolio currently includes: MPLS VPN and MPLS Ethernet.


MPLS VPN is a fully managed Layer 3 private Virtual Private Network (VPN) running on our global MPLS cloud. This service is ideal for customers with large networks requiring reliability, cost-effectiveness, and rapid scalability without maintaining large internal overheads and resources.

Can scale to over hundreds of sites

Ideal for interconnecting data centers with branch offices and branches to other branches

Allows you to leave WAN routing to our engineers and keeps fewer WAN engineering on you staff

Has quality of service (QoS) options to enable preferential treatment of latency-sensitive traffic like voice, video and data


Our Ethernet connectivity solution is a fully managed Layer 2 private LAN-type network running our global MPLS cloud. This service retains the benefits of the MPLS VPN platform, while allowing you to retain control of your Internet Protocol architecture.

Ideal for interconnecting data centers and disaster recovery solutions

Gives WAN engineers control and responsibility over WAN routing

Enables broadcast and multicast traffic such as video streaming to be simply pushed out across the WAN, without the need of any network redesign

Enables administrators use of existing infrastructure and obviates the need for dedicated custom interfaces on network equipment at the headquarters or remote branches

Why Choose Our MPLS Service?

  • Reliability

    Multiple diversely connected core infrastructure backed by stringent Service Level Agreement.

  • Security

    Dedicated channel for maximum data security on a strictly separate private network

  • Round the Clock Customer Service

    Our network specialists provide 24/7 expertise and technical support

  • Monitoring

    Proactive, round the clock network monitoring by our central NOC team helps you stay updated at all times

  • Scalability

    Instant and seamless upgrades of connectivity requirements including capacity, sites, security, and privacy of transported data

  • Class of Service (CoS)

    Prioritized data transfer in accordance with your business’s requirements, which enables purchased bandwidth to be fully utilized

  • Reporting

    Our easy to use web-based customer portal helps you access detailed reports online - anywhere any time

  • Customer Service

    We always put you first




ProAct is a round-the-clock early warning service for detecting network problems before they drastically impair dependent communications, applications and systems. Left unmonitored, a network will inevitably fail, leaving employees idle and impacting the ability to do business – costing thousands through the loss of productivity, revenue or business image.

How Does it Work?

Our ProAct service gathers real-time and historical data, identifies potential problems, bottlenecks, tracks usage to boost performance, availability, productivity and distributes notifications to individuals or groups so that they can be resolved quickly and effectively

We utilize a highly skilled Network Operations Center (NOC) Team together with robust network tools to provide Proactive Monitoring service for your network 24x7x365

In addition to identifying issues and alerting, you will also receive a complete package of reports as well as an online portal containing valuable information about the performance of your network




SWIFTconnect offers end-to-end SWIFT connectivity by being the sole interface to order and deliver all the required network service components for the SWIFT connectivity service.

SWIFTconnect provides:

New and commercially competitive SWIFT connectivity offering in-country on a globally consistent network platform and MPLS based VPN service approved by AT&T as an extension of its EVPN service that is accredited by SWIFT

Redundant  international access to the SWIFTconnect production environment via AT&T’s SWIFT-accredited Enhanced VPN service

Multiple levels of diversity on intentional cable routes, local infrastructure and local communication media

Application Awareness to support applications that carry business data and transaction traffic where packet delivery is critical